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The Fae Maiden

The Fae Maiden.

I came upon her in a moonlit glad, staring into a pool,
A Fae Maiden, pale as new snow, with gossamer wings of starlight,
Hair the color of fresh strawberries , graceful as a swan in flight,
She glowed as if a fire burned within her very being, enchanting.

A snap of a twig as I step forward, sudden movement of her head,
Peering my way, a face of an Angel, ,blood red lips forming a smile,
It was as if Dawn had broken through a dense fog, enraptured I gasped,
But it was her eyes that stilled me, a wicked gleam wrapped in arcane knowledge,
Slowly I stepped back, only to hear a low growl, my path blocked by a black wolf.

Frozen in a place no mortal belongs, fear creeping up my spinal column like a serpent,
She beckons to me, wolf nudges me, tentatively I step into the glad, breathing fast,
I walk towards her as a servant to his Queen, the gut tightens, heart pounds,
Will turned to weakness I kneel before her, mind blinded by ancient Glory,
With an elegant movement, her hand brush’s my face, Heavens fire burns my soul.
Lost in realms of pure joy I feel my spirit bleed away, a hawk feasting on my being.

I awaken to a cold drizzle, aged decades by a mere brush of a Fae Maidens hand,
A chunk of my life, gone to her feeding, back bowed, limbs weak with age,
Eyes sight blurry, heart sluggish, old before my time I sit up exhausted,
Yet I would trade my remaining years for one more touch of her hand,
My very soul for a simple kiss from my Fae Maiden, though it meant death.

March 2/2010


A Hounds Choice

A Hounds Choice.

A child is born, he gasps for air, once, twice, and then is still,
A mother wails in disbelief, a Doctor struggles to snatch life from death,
A child’s still form turns a ugly blue, small hands hang limp, hollow eyes,
A nurse chokes on tears, while a shadow moves across the doorway.

In the distance a hound howls and a child screams with a hunger for life,
Relief floods the room, tears of joy, tense shoulders relax, all is well,
Small face screwed in anger while mother coons softly to her son,
A pleasing vision, mother and child bonding, the shadow of a hound watches.

What Arcane bargain was made to pull this child from deaths shores?
What destiny awaits this child, that would require a god to intervene?
What makes this child worthy while other are found wanting?
What reason does the Hound have to walk beside this child on his life’s journey?

March 1,2010


Sophia is Dead

Sophia is Dead! The news spread like wild fire,
From watchtower, to hill beacon it rushed like the wind,
Through Princely courts, and common Market squares,
Leaving a wake of pain and disbelief, grief and outrage.

Sophia the Evening Star was no more, death had stolen her,
She of the Ruby hair and Moonlit skin had fallen, emerald eyes stilled,
Upon a marble table she lay, Death offering a Peace, Life could not,
Rays of a setting Sun fall upon her quite form, pale skin glowing softly.

Angels weep, gods hide their faces in shame, flowers wilting,
Sophia has joined the Dead Maidens, Sorrow lies heavy upon the land,
Tears water faces of despair, sobs float upon the twilight breeze,
For Sophia has past into that Land from which no one returns.

Gazing across a still lake stands the Prince, shoulders bowed,
Seeing a Future turned to dust, a betrothal that shall not be,
A hollow heart longing for children that are not to be born,
Laughter now stilled, joy snuffed like a candle in a temple.

For Sophia is Dead, she dances with the Maidens of Death,
In a Starlit vale far from the shores of Life,
No pain, no sadness, just eternal peace,
In ancient groves in the land of the dead.



Lost Questions

Why is there a giant stature of Sobek?

Whats up with all the Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Who is walking around using John Locks image?

Who and what are Richard and Jacob?

what the frak is going on????

Just a few Lost questions that had better be answered this season!

The Shield Maiden

The Shield Maiden

Across the Market he saw her, a Maiden of surpassing Beauty,
With skin as white as moonlit snow,hair black as a Raven,
Dressed in leather and silk, barely as tall as a great sword,
Strong arms bound in gold rings, shapely legs wrapped in felt.

Upon her back an oaken shield, a Raiders sword about her waist,
Ancient helm upon her brow, Sea color eyes gazing from beneath,
Haggling with a merchant, she lifted her eyes and locked on to his,
A tremble in the Heart, a catch in his breath as he looked into her Soul.

Time slows to a stop,the heavy sound of thunder that is a heart beat,
A flash of illumination as Love bursts forth from the core of his being,
A fever upon the brow, a dazed look in his eye, a chill runs up and down him,
In that moment he is lost to her, his mind consumed with thoughts of her.

She floats toward him, all grace of movement, panic surges through out him,
She gazes up into his eyes, full of timeless wisdom and pain, intent upon his eyes,
Like a deer caught in the hunt, he stands frozen by her Beauty, a drumbeat in his chest,
Her hand she brushes his hair clear of his brow,"You'll do"she say's in husky voice,
Such agonizing joy explodes within, a captive unto this Shield Maidens Love.

Sunday, February 14, 2010
1:18:52 AM


The Lady of the Grove

I sit here upon this grassy knoll gazing across the lake,
Seeking a moments solace from the Wars of Man,
Carving a bit of drift wood, enjoying the spring sun.

When I hear from a Sacred Grove, songs of Melancholy,
Songs of Aching Pain, Heart wrenching words,
Sighing grumpily I stand up and gather my robes,

Stomping toward the Grove, a Juggernaut of discontent,
Scattering attendants like fall leaves, fleeing Hand Maidens,
Priest falling over themselves in hast to get out of my Way,

I march up to the Lady of the Grove, A Goddess of Beauty,
Such wondrous Perfection,Such Heavenly Grace before me,
Only a Fellow God could look into those Timeless eyes.

Bending down I inform the Lady Her song disturbed my Musing,
A Mountain of Shadow wrapped in lightning and thunder,
A Giant of Force and Fire, bending over a Rose of Heaven.

Calmly she informs me that I am free to move to another knoll,
Such Grace before the Storm, Divinity in Female Form,
A Twinkle of amusement in her Immortal eyes, Pools of summer light.

Towering over her I take her face gently in my hands, lifting it upward,
I lower my face towards hers and slowly lick her nose, with rough tongue,
A small gasp as I turn and walk away, back to my knoll, mumbling about my Nempoo.

A moment of Silence, such as there was before Creation, Timeless moment,
Then a peal of Laughter shakes the Heavens, Joy rushing across the land,
I sit upon my knoll gazing across a Lake, listening to songs of Happy Times.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010
9:01:36 AM


You. A Poem

You. (For Ari)

I lay here awake, thoughts of you swirling in my mind,
Wondering if your mind is aflame with thoughts of me,
Your in my Space and I don't want to get you out,
You have stolen my breath, snuggled into my Heart.

I want to wrap my very Being around you, to inhale your scent,
I want to open the depths of my Soul to you, Light the Dark spaces,
I want to fall asleep with you in my arms, awake with your face in mine,
I want to hear your sigh as you relax into me, smother me,drown me.

I will take your Pain,
I will shoulder your Burden,
I will walk beside you through Hell,
I will carry you to Heaven.

I will be your Rock,
I will be your Safe Place,
I will be your Harbor,
I will be your Shield
I will be your Sword.

I am Open and you have crossed the Threshold,
I bask in your Glory, A Moon to your Sun,
I am a Tablet upon which you write my Future,
I shiver at the mere thought of you, such sweet Pain,
I am a slave captured by your Angelic Grace,
I await the Dawn with thoughts of you swirling in my Mind.

Sunday, January 31, 2010
12:43:24 AM


The Reaper

Laying my room I hear the sound of hoof beats,
Far in the distance they beat, coming closer,
With a steady gallop,across snow covered ground,

The Reapers coming, riding a Horse of Pale Moonbeams,
Upon a saddle of blood rubies, holding reins of braided hair,
Of lost children, innocent maidens unspoiled by Man,
Flowing over hills and through Forest, like a timeless river.

Ancient Gothic dreams assail my mind,a vail trembles in my soul,
Haunting images of lost lands, ghost white limbed Ladies float by,
Swirling Black tresses covers my sight, Ravens whisper in my ear.

The Reapers coming, riding a Horse of Pale Moonbeams,
Upon a saddle of blood rubies, holding reins of braided hair,
Of lost children, innocent maidens unspoiled by Man,
Flowing over hills and through Forest, like a timeless river.

We reap what we sow, bitter harvest of cruel intentions,
Weathered roses of lost love and missed moments,
Slaves to foul vanity,blinded by consuming desire's.

The Reapers coming, riding a Horse of Pale Moonbeams,
Upon a saddle of blood rubies, holding reins of braided hair,
Of lost children, innocent maidens unspoiled by Man,
Flowing over hills and through Forest, like a timeless river.

Tossing and turning, I can not awake,trapped by own Will,
Hells own worms chewing on my Soul, bleeding Starlight,
A pounding at the door,dust from the rafters, The Reapers Here.

Saturday, January 30, 2010
4:38 PM


The Train

The Time has come to part ways, a quick kiss, brief hug,
the joy of love and the ache of parting, on a cold winters day,
the whistle has blown, the train strains against it's wait.

Days of laughter and music, nights of passion and whispered love,
moments frozen in time, brief yet eternal, locked in a treasured heart,
all the more sweet for their looming ending, a bit of paradise,a bit of hell.

Platform wrapped in steam, iron horse chomping at the bit,
hollow ache in the heart, joy in the spirit, loss and love entwined,
the desire to leave with you, the obligation to stay, tearing me in two.

House full of happiness and the hearth warmed, the bed tossed, smelling of you,
lazy morning of love, afternoons spent singing, my heart filled with light and laughter,
dreading this day, the parting so bitter sweet, warm breath on the neck, tears in the eye.

Gears engage,wheels click, slowly the train moves forward, hissing steam,
staring at you in the window as if my life depended on it, pouring forth my love,
missing you already,loneliness wrenching my very being, as the train leaves.

A long walk home, through bleak winter snow, twilight descending,
frozen tears blear my vision, the cold steals my breath, bites the soul,
home to a silent house, echoes of love and laughter ringing through out.

Friday, January 15, 2010
7:29 AM


Storm of Doom

well I survived the Blizzard of 09. It was Fraking insane, 14 inches of snow in 24 hours!
And I was caught driving in it and I did not enjoy that. It's been years since I was in a blizzard and I was a lot younger then. People where abandoning their cars everywhere, it was like some horror flick, with the streets littered with cars every which way.

The airport was cut off because so many folks left their cars on the road and hiked back to the airport! Took two days just to clear the road. And of course the local weather guys were in hog heaven over the weather, staying on 24 hours and freaking out.

Yup we had a white Christmas and I bet no one wish's for another one in a long while.

And now we have the Arctic air of DOOM heading our way....yippy.

Yup Global Warming is a Bitch.